About Us

DESH Foundation is a registered NGO under the BPT Act, 1950. The word ‘DESH’ stands for Development and Empowerment with Social Harmony.

When we see people struggling to earn a living, lack of education, lack of healthcare, fellow beings fighting with each – We do not crib and neither do we accept it. We create ‘DESH’- Development through Empowerment and Social harmony to change things and build the India of our dreams.

DESH is a national level development organisation comprising of independent humanitarian thinkers who work together to transform India. DESH aims to be a powerful catalyst of change that brings together all Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and physical abilities.

We are on a social mission to create the conditions that will fulfill the need for basic amenities, skill enhancement, sustainable livelihood, universal health and a green environment. We aim to not only bring this change but also create communities of social activists so that the journey of transformation continues.



Transforming India through skill development, societal empowerment and social harmony.


DESH Foundation is on a social mission to individually and collectively transform social relationships by providing basic amenities, skill training, promoting the ethos of ‘one ‘India in spirit and actions without any discrimination on caste, class, creed or physical abilities. Our practical and result oriented programs aim to:-

  • Provide outstanding basic education with fully equipped facilities, coaching and entrepreneurship skill training for enhanced employ-ability.
  • To promote the socioeconomic status, gender equity and empowerment of women, child, youth and community at large by creating enabling environment.
  • To improve health of communities by comprehensive charitable work in health sector while also promoting basic hygiene and sanitation across rural and urban locations.
  • Conduct and facilitate initiatives that minimize pollution and encourage green cover
  • Promoting self-reliance through sustainable agriculture practices.