Why Donate?

Your donation to our projects will help change lives in India. Giving is the ultimate goal of life, karma will come your way!

Donation – A general, annual donation to support and plan India’s health, education and other child rights projects is most welcome.

Cleanliness Drive


At DESH we would motivate people to keep their surrounding clean and promote a healthy living not just by preaching cleanliness but by leading from front and taking initiatives to encourage a cleaning up mission across cities and villages.



Organ Donation


Organ Donation is considered to be the most Noble donation where a person gives another a gift of life. To curb organ commerce and promote donation after brain death the government enacted a law called “The Transplantation of Human Organs Act” in 1994 that brought about a significant change in the organ donation and transplantation scene in India. At DESH we encourage not only the divine souls who are already practicing the act of giving the most precious gift to save others but also will take the initiative to every corner of the world and encourage people to come forward for the noble cause where the act ensures that you live even after your death not just as a divine soul but through the body of a needy you helped.

Post Calamity Rehabilitation and Development


Natural Calamity not only breaks the backbone of economy and infrastructure of the affected region but also shatters the lives and souls of many. Through our Rehabilitation or Restoration process we try our best to ensure that Helps reach the right person at the right time and hence we can contribute in reducing the sorrows of our fellow countrymen through our efforts. For such initiatives DESH Foundation will closely work with various Government organizations and Departments, like minded NGOs, Corporates and various Disaster Management authority at various levels.



Green Revolution




DESH is committed to not just planting saplings but to take the initiatives to the next level where we encourage others to take proper care of the saplings and grow the saplings for few years and ensure actual greenery and hence bring green revolution.