Site Visit and Inspection

After reaching Srinagar, we started our need base assessment of the situation. As most affected areas of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation comprise an area of 346 sq. kms which includes 34 Municipal Words spread over. The following are the worst affected areas Jawaharnagar, Mahejoornagar, Rambag, Barjulla, Natipora, Haiydarpura, Bemina, Lalchowk, Mysuma, Harising Street. Gaukadal, Barbarshah, Khayamchowk, Munawar, Miskelbagh, Karpora, Gagarival, Buhwara, Rainawari, Kamarvani, Karannagar, Chittebal, Shaltang, HMT Colony and Shilvet.

An approximate of 200 People & 1475 Animal lost their lives in the floods hit in the Srinagar city.

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