Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaign

Desh Foundation organized a campaign “Smoke in the Bin”; on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day i.e. 31st May, 2015 at “Happy Street”, C.G. Road. The main motto for conducting this campaign was to create awareness among the general public on the consequence of consuming Tobacco and to make them understand how does a non-smokers gets affected, serious health issues that family, friends and peers face, most of families has to suffer financial loss and the most painful is losing one’s loved due to CANCER and other chronicle health issues.

As the saying goes that “Prevention is better than Cure” so our initiative was to create awareness about among the society that it’s better to help someone to reduce or leave this habit rather than helping him while he is effect with deadly health problems.

A theme based play was organized followed by awakening speech given by Dr. Jayesh Trivedi, volunteers came up with using graffiti, placards and Anti-tobacco Slogans highlighted the involvement in bringing revolutionary change and motivated many to kick off the habit.


One thought on “Anti Tobacco Awareness Campaign

  • This is an encouraging move. The country has law but law alone won’t be enough to encourage people to quit because there will be issues with implementation. It was a good move to have graphic images in tobacco packaging. Government should ban BIDI totally as its an unfiltered smoke and more harmful than cigarettes.
    Many people overseas now use e cigarette which can be a better choice for people to are unable to quit due to chronic addiction to nicotine. Battery powered e cigarette that produces vapour rather than smoke can be a better alternative. No one can fore upon people to stop smoking and many nations around the globe have reduced smoking population via robust awareness program but obviously more needs to be done and large portion of population still smokes – has no intention to quit. In cases like this e cigarette can be better choice. Its not good idea for non smokers to take up smoking e cigs but for those who already smoke electronic cigarettes can provide an option. Electronic Cigarettes have to be regulated like many countries have done. Electronic Cigarette in Australia, UK and USA are slowly being included in Tobacco Law prohibiting marketing and sale to minors etc. Nepal should certainly look into this matter and legislate accordingly.

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